How to Play Tabikaeru (Travel Frog) Even if You Don’t Know Japanese

By now you would have heard of Hit-Point’s Tabikaeru which translates to Travel Frog. It has caught China by storm and we Malaysians also want to have a part in it. The tiny problem? It’s all in Japanese! But that won’t stop us from playing right?

For those who haven’t heard about this very zen-like simulation game, here’s a quick intro.

Frog loves to travel. You help Frog pack his travel bag with food, a lucky charm and travel equipment. Once Frog’s travel bag is ready, Frog is off on his adventures. Frog sends you snapshots of his fun adventures. As a gesture of appreciation for helping Frog pack, it returns with souvenirs for you, which are usually specialities of the places Frog visits.

What makes this game interesting is there is no rush to beat the clock or outrun anything. Its simplistic game play and nature-inspired UI creates a sense of calm and joy. Sending your little Frog out and eagerly waiting for his snapshot of his whereabouts and his cute souvenirs are rewards in itself.

We have done our best to translate the instructions from Japanese to English so you too can join in the fun.

PS: If you have a better translation, let us know in the comments.

旅かえる(Travel Frog) can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store

Let's start the game Terms of service Give a name to your flog Name your frog (Maximum 5 characters) Take a look at your frog in the hosue I am wishing to go on a trip. I'd like to tell you a little bit about my journey. Your frog hopes you can prepare the following itmes for his travel: Lunchbox, Amulet / Charm and tools You can buy the items from the shop using clovers. Collect clovers by the pond side Let's collect clovers You can check the collected clovers in here Let's collect all the clovers Collected Let's get started I finished collecting the clovers. Let's go to the shop Buy Raisin Scone? I would like to go on my trip as soon as possible Travel Bag Your frog is out travelling Your frog is out travelling. It will take some time for your frog to return While your frog is away, collect clovers to shop for its next journey Rewards Mailbox This yellow box is for food, amulets and tools for your frog when it is at home. Feel free to prepare some food even while he's away


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